Underground Media was started by Mario Romero with 10 years experience in online marketing. He worked for other companies and networks long enough to understand what not to do when running a successful affiliate network, and took that knowledge to create what has become one of the true dark horses of the space. Advertisers and affiliates alike know us and work with us, and our numbers have steadily grown, but we don’t advertise or post messages in social media groups with a lot of capital letters and exclamation points touting our business; if we want to work with you, we will contact you. If you want to work with us, you can contact us.

Our specialty is direct response (i.e. Cost-Per-Acquisition) marketing. All of our advertiser relationships are direct, and our affiliates are among the elite in the space. We don’t have an open door policy for affiliates; apply if you like, but if we don’t know you or you weren’t referred by someone we know, you likely won’t be approved.



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UnderGround Media Inc. 9954 Royal Palm Blvd.Coral Springs, FL 33065 Phone: 813-445-5313